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What Are You Thinking?

You can only become what you are supposed to be when you understand where you came from. Potential is related to source. That means that where you came from is an indication of your potential. Potential is determined by the demands made on it. You can tell how much potential a thing has by the demands that are placed on it because the creator knows what he put in the product. Therefore, if God, the Creator, demands something of you, you can do it.

For example, you are told in a manual that if you plug in an appliance called a television and turn it on, you are going to be able to see an image on the screen. You can walk around for a long time saying that you do not believe that this can happen. Therefore, you will never realize the potential of the television. The manual gives a list of all the functions of the television. You may never have seen all the functions, but the manual states the potential of the appliance. The manufacturer guarantees the product.

Similarly, God guarantees what you can do already. He told you to dominate the earth (Gen 1:28). God would not have made the demand on you, if you could not do it. He wired you to dominate this planet. Whatever God calls for, He provides for.

God has built into humanity the potential to produce everything that He demands from us. He told us to love our enemies; therefore, the power is within us to do so. He would not have asked for it if it were not possible. Technically, God wired us to produce everything He demands. He did this with everything He created. Within each fruit, there is a seed that will become a tree. Therefore, if you plant the seed, God can demand a tree from that seed.

Proverbs 23:7 states, “For as he [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This means that as a man conceives thoughts in his heart, he can do them. Obviously, what God is trying to communicate to us is that if you can think it, you can do it. Additionally, if you never thought it, it can never be done. God’s attitude simply is that He would never make a demand on anything if He has not already put in it the ability to do it.

So “what” are you thinking? Do you think it can be done?

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