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By: Morenike Aina

“For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother” Matthew 12:50

Christ's preaching was plain, easy, and familiar, and suited to his hearers. His mother and brethren stood without, desiring to speak with him, when they should have been standing within, desiring to hear him. Frequently, those who are nearest to the means of knowledge and grace are most negligent. We are apt to neglect that which we think we may have any day, forgetting that to-morrow is not ours.

We often meet with hindrances in our work from friends around us, and are taken off by care for the things of this life, away from the concerns of our souls. Christ was so intent on His work, that no fleshy or other duty took Him from it. Note that, under the guise of religion, we may be disrespectful to parents, or unkind to relations; but the lesser duty must stand by, while the greater one is done. Let us cease from men, and cleave to Christ; let us look upon every Christian, in whatever condition of life, as a brother, sister, or mother of the Lord of glory; let us love, respect, and be kind to them, for His sake, and after His example.

We generally suppose that Christ's relatives must have shared much of his affectionate attention; and doubtless they did: but here we find that whosoever does the will of God is equally esteemed by Christ, as His brother, sister and mother.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, have mercy on me in every area of my life that I might have sin to you knowingly & unknowingly, and give me the grace to finish well. And I pray that you should help me in my service to you not to be self-righteous to you in Jesus name.

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